The owners of The Lexington House wanted an elegant lighting design using as many LED fixtures as possible.  We were able to accomplish this with a combination of recessed lights, LED tape light and LED monorail lighting.
For general lighting, the flexible Monorail system allows for general purpose lighting along with highlighting seating areas.  Fixture can be added and moved as needed, without the need of an electrician.
The bar area is beautifully lit by our dimmable Greenflex LED tape light.  The super thin strip hides very easily and outputs a very impressive amount of light.
Unlike the main area of the restaurant, the kitchen needed very bright lighting for the chefs.  For this solution we used American made fluorescent 2′ x 4′ drop in lights, but with our NL T8 LED tube.  At 2200 lumens per unit, it is the perfect light for high use areas.  In addition, the lights inside the stove use the Switch 60 replacement lamp, the liquid cooling in this lamp allows it to be used in totally enclosed fixtures without detrimental effects.