The owners of this house were planning a full home remodel and wanted as many LED lights as possible, but also had to work within a budget.  In addition, they were very concerned that the actual lighting layout be correct- to have the best combination of task lighting in areas like the kitchen and office, along with ambient/ task lighting for the living and play rooms for the kids.

To achieve this, they took advantage of our lighting design service- for a fee, we will design the full lighting and switching layout for their house.  We will first discuss the needs and design preferences for each room and then plot everything on the plans.  In addition, we apply the design fee to materials purchased from us based on those plans.  And as our pricing is competitive with the internet, they knew that they were not paying any more for materials, even though they were effectively receiving a free complete lighting design.

We laid out a pattern for the kitchen to give the most amount of task light on the counters (while providing excellent general light), and enhanced it with our Tilt LED dimmable under cabinet lights.  And even though the homeowners purchased their island pendant lights from somewhere else, we were able to supply them with LED lamps to keep with their LED goal.

For the living room we designed two decorative LED sconces to flank the wall mounted TV, along with a perimeter of gimbal 4″ recessed lights with the Vivid 2 LED MR16 bulbs from Soraa.  These bulbs use only 12 watts of power, but provide as much light as a 50 watt MR16 and have a 95 CRI.  They are the only LED bulbs available which actually reproduce (rather than mimic) the MR16 halogen color spectrum.

The center of the living room needed lighting for over the couch area, so the homeowners decided to go with something fun- a bendable Monorail system in the shape of a cursive 9.  These fixtures also used the Soraa Vivid 2 MR16 LED lamps.

The owners explained that the dining room table may not stay in one place, so they were worried about having a central fixture over it.  We resolved this by having general LED recessed lighting to accommodate for any table location.

The other rooms of the house used a combination of our QL 5 LED recessed lights along with the 4″ gimbal lights for artwork lighting and our Greenflex LED tape light for soffit lighting.

Using our customers’ tastes, we strive to have our lighting designs use a combination of illumination sources- wall, recessed, ceiling and portable lamps.  But we will work with any preferences to make sure that the lighting will be exactly what is expected- which is bright (and dimmable) light when needed and minimizing shadows caused by improper placement of recessed lights.


Products Used:


QL5 5″ Dimmable LED Recessed Light

QL6 6″ Dimmable LED Recessed Light

LED Tilt Under Cabinet Light

Greenflex LED Tape Light

Replacement LED Lamp