This Page contains informational downloads to help with LED options. Check back periodically for new information.

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Sustainable Lighting

Case Study:
Measured vs Perceived
Did you know that if you dim a light by 50% your eye actually perceives the light level differently? This is why even a small difference in dimming range between LED fixtures can be a big deal. Click below to get the whole story.

Case Study:
Establishing LED Equivalency
The Department of Energy has put together a handy informational sheet on how to understand manufacturer claims of LED equivalency with normal light bulbs. Click below to see what they say.

3.5″ LED Recessed Light Made in Canada:
CL3-Eco Spec Sheet

Plug & Play 4″ LED Retrofit. Made in Canada:
CL4 Plug & Play Retro
CL4 Plug & Play Retro 2

US Flex: