How Are You Going To Light Your Home Bar?

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So you and your significant other have decided to make a bar basement. Well what are you going to do to light this home club of yours and make it the lounge that you and all your friends want to hang out at?  

Overall Ambient Lighting

Recessed lighting is an inexpensive way to give you ambient lighting and is pleasant to the eye.   Even the top 10 hotel bars in the world make use of recessed lighting to layer their lights.  Just check online and you can see all kinds of designs.

Over the Bar Counter

 Pendant Lighting is what the professional bar light designers use. You can find multiple pendant lights very inexpensively. Here are some considerations. Do you want stem or flexible cable suspension for your pendants? A fixed stem can be convenient but cuttable cable gives you more freedom to adjust the height of hanging pendant lights above your bar.

The next thing you need to do is pick a shade. They come in glass, metal and fabric. They also come in different widths and different styles.  Are you open to futuristic styles like the ones used to decorate the Cloud Nine hotel bar in Shanghai?

Under Bar Lighting

When you are storing alcohol behind the bar and in cabinets you need to focus on under bar lighting. For this you should consider LED Lighting. Led lights do not run hot and give off spectacular light. They also last for over 40,000 hours and are very energy efficient.

By applying all these bar lighting basics you can make your bar the lighting of your dreams.  Remember to use recessed lighting to give your guests adequate ambient lighting. Use pendant lights for direct lighting and mood lighting at the bar counter. Make sure your bartender or host can find supplies and backup liquor under the cabinet with cool LED lighting.

Now you can look forward to having the most popular place to hang with your friends. What’s better than that?

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