The Core LED under cabinet system is perfect for applications in which it is not possible to add a remote driver (transformer).  This makes it very easy to upgrade existing, ugly fluorescent under cabinet lights to a bright and dimmable LED system, as the driver is integral to the unit.

You simply run the existing power into a small box measuring 1.125″ x 1.75″ x 3.5″ long.  Then clip a jumper wire (similar to a USB cable) from the box to the beginning of your lighting run.

Available in three lengths, two color temperatures and three metal finishes.


11″, 21″, 41″ Lengths Available
1.7″ wide x 0.88″ High
3000k and 4000k Color Temperatures Available
White, Black, Grey Housing Finishes
5.5 Watts & 256 Lumens @ 11″
10 Watts & 466 Lumens @ 21″
20 Watts & 1042 Lumens@ 41″
Dimmable with an Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer