This puck light features three one watt LED units. It is perfect to illuminate cabinets, niches and any other area requiring excellent light with no heat.  It is available in a dimming or a non dimming version.

The gimbal action allows for flexibility in how the light can be directed. Just cut the hole, hold down the spring tabs on the side of the unit, then slide the puck in. The spring tabs push out- holding the puck into place.
One power supply is required.

The dimming version comes with a small, dimmable driver which will sit next to (or behind) the puck when installed. It measures roughly 0.75″ diameter x 0.50″ tall. Each of these drivers will connect to the master power supply.

Puck Dimensions

3.152″ Wide
1.26″ Deep
2.75″ Cutout
240 Lumen Output
30 Degree Beam Spread

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LED Puck