Introducing the best way for under lighting applications. These 12″ x 12″ tiles are perfectly evenly illuminated. There are no hot spots, lines or any bulky equipment under the surface. In addition, these tiles can be cut to follow the contours of a curved counter or to fit around sink openings.
As these tiles are so thin, normally impossible lighting applications can now be done. Onyx counter tops can be set directly on top of the tiles- only adding 3/8″ to the total height. At just over 1 watt in energy usage, you will get fantastic lighting while being extremely environmentally friendly. A remote power supply is required. It can be mounted in any cabinet, attic or crawl space.

All you need is a translucent material- such as glass or onyx and mount the tile underneath. It can be set horizontally or vertically.

As seen by the pictures, the LED tiles produce beautiful and even coverage enhancing virtually any application.