Power_PlateThis fixture is perfectly suited for applications without drop tile ceiling and requiring very light lumen output.  With a standard junction box mount, this unit can deliver up to 4000 lumens.

For new construction applications use the low voltage version which offers digital dimming, connectivity to smart grid technology and a 100,000 hour lamp life. Contact us for more information. The line voltage version has a 50,000 hour lamp life.

• Manufactured in USA, exceeds NAFTA domestic product requirements with >80% domestic content. • Designed to have the smallest environmental footprint – Ship 5 units to one CFL down light. • All fixtures are manufactured with up to with up to 80% recycled content and RoHS compliant. • Shipped in 100% recycled packaging.
• Advanced Intelligent Driver (AID) – is designed as an integral component and protects both led and driver from failure.
• Serial number control – assures a replacement light can be matched to existing installed lights. • Robust thermal management – Protects luminaire for both sustained and lifetime performance – reduces heat
impact on HVAC • 50,000 Life Span (120 Volt) & 100,000 hour Life Span (Low Voltage) • Chips and driver are one unit- no soldering. This equals fewer potential failure points and greater heat
management. • 14” diameter for 60 watt/ 16” diameter for 88 watt with a 1.6” drop.