Brilliant energy saving 15 watt 3000K LED light finished with a soft glass disc and crisp metal base.

​Energy Savings: Consumes 15 watts; up to 85% less than incandescent and 40% less than equivalent 26 watt compact fluorescent recessed downlight.

Usable Light: Delivers over 600 lumens and greater footcandles at 8’ than most 26 watt CFL recessed housings.

Long Life: Designed to last 35,000 hours, or approximately 20 years under normal use of 4-5 hours per day.

Dimmable: Dimmable down to 10% using a low-voltage electronic dimmer.

Easy Installation: Easily installed on a standard junction box. Trim quickly snaps on to unit.

Environmental Benefits: LED’s energy savings and long life helps protect the environment by using less energy and keeping numerous other types of lamps, with shorter life, out of landfills.

3000K and 82 CRI: Warm color temperature. Excellent for residential or commercial applications.