Our LED replacement bulbs can be used in fixtures ranging from decorative fixtures (table, wall, floor, ceiling) to track lighting.  Most can be dimmed.

These bulbs are excellent for residential and commercial applications. Many power companies offer rebates for upgrading your fixtures to LEDs.

1The Switch series of bulbs are the first LED replacement bulbs which can be installed in any position, or even in enclosed fixtures, without negative effects.

Utilizing liquid cooling inside the bulb, it does not require air circulation like other LED’s or fluorescent replacements.

Available in incandescent wattage equivalences of 40, 60, 75 and 100 watts are dimmable.

These are the best LED bulbs available as replacements for standard incandescent bulbs.


2The NL T8/T12 LED retrofit bulb installs into existing fluorescent fixtures-allowing you to reduce waste and upgrade your old fluorescent into efficient, dimmable LED’s.

Rather than following the standard form factor of a fluorescent, and then sticking in LED components, this unit has been designed specifically as an LED bulb.  This maximizes heat management along with excellent light output.

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Our NLT8 LED bulb providing excellent task light for the Chefs at The Lexington House in Los Gatos.

The stove is illuminated with Switch Lighting 60 watt equivalent bulbs- its liquid cooling allows for the bulb to be mounted in totally enclosed fixtures without degrading the life of the bulb.

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