The Heron LED table light is not only energy efficient, but environmentally friendly as well.  The body is made from recycled post-consumer ABS plastic (noncorrosive, RoHS compliant) sourced and processed in the USA.  The metal base is made from RoHS compliant steel melted and manufactured in the USA and made from at least 70% scrap metal.

Even the light source- 3 watt very wide flood replacement LED, is made in the USA.

The Heron uses only 4 watts of power, has a 3000k color temperature and comes with a 5 year warranty.  And since the light source is replaceable (a rarity with LED table lamps), it’s very easy to upgrade the light when available- without having to buy a whole new fixture.

The Heron contribute to points in several LEED categories: Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality. Packaging, literature, and labels made from recycled, post-consumer waste

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