‘LED Tips’

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LED Tip: Did you know that LEDs actually generate a lot of heat? In fact, many LEDs are rated for 200º fahrenheit or higher, this is why you see big heat sinks on the back. Cheaper LEDs, although super bright, will sacrifice heat management to get the cost down. This might be okay in the short run, but will ultimately negatively affect light output and color in the years to come. Since LEDs are blue to start with, it’s the phosphor layer over the LED (the yellow you see when looking at the LED) which actually gives the color you see.

When the blue light of the LED hits the underside of the phosphor, the phosphor fluoresces and emits the color temperature of the fixture: 2700K or 3000K, for example. If the heat management of the LED isn’t good, the phosphor can start to deteriorate prematurely, causing the beautiful color you started with to shift to green, or blue or even pink. So just like any other high end electronic item, cheap means sacrifice- and for something you’re expecting to last for over 10 years, the results of those sacrifices will be very disappointing.



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