Lighting Up Your Bedroom

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LED lighting utilizes less energy than the usual incandescent light bulbs. They last a lot longer and will reduce your electric bill. LED lighting is ideal for your bedroom where you spend most of your time before going to sleep. There are several things to consider prior to choosing the best LED lighting for your room.
LED lighting has two main types. The flood style is good for lighting outside of your house. For your bedroom, get yourself LED bulbs having a globe shape.
A light bulb casts a hue of light and this is indicated by a color temperature scale. For your bedroom, it is best to choose a LED light bulb with the color temperature of 2,500-4,000 Kelvin.
Your needs dictate the quantity of wattage for your bedroom lighting. A LED bulb of 10-watts is just like an incandescent bulb of 50-watt. If you want brighter light, go for a LED light bulb with higher wattage.
If you are the type who always reads before sleeping, you should install a LED light bulb having a 30-70 degrees beam angle. This shall allow you to light just one part of the room.
As mentioned earlier, you will save money when you switch to this kind of light at home because your electricity bill will decrease due to the low consumption of energy. They cost more than incandescent bulbs but the savings you get will last for a long time.
Another good thing about using this type of light in the bedroom is that it lets out minimal heat. This makes the room less warmer the way incandescent light do. Ninety-eight percent of energy utilized by an incandescent light bulb will not be used as light energy but as heat energy.
It lasts around fifty to a hundred times more than incandescent lighting. They also last around five to ten times more than fluorescent bulbs. They are also very durable because they have no tube or filament the way incandescent bulbs do. They also oppose the effects of cold and heat a lot better than the incandescent bulbs.
Incandescent bulbs have mercury which is needed for its creation. LED does not have such a dangerous element. Because of this, you will feel safe in your bedroom with this lighting.
This is what it is all about and why your bedroom should have it instead.

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