Recessed LED Lighting

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recessed led lighting

Directional & Diffuse Recessed LED Lighting

There are basically two kinds of recessed LED lights, directional and diffuse. Directional recessed LED lights focus a beam of light onto a specific area. It is typically used when you want to highlight a particular feature in the room, such as a painting or sculpture. Diffuse LED recessed lights, on the other hand, spread a softer and wider beam of light over a larger area of the room. This makes it perfect for use in the common areas of your house. Diffuse LED recessed lights are also used to light up the dim spots of a room, making it look more spacious. Additionally, “white” LED recessed bulbs are available in two versions as well – a cooler tone than can be used for work spaces and a warmer one which is suitable for small spaces or living areas.

Recessed LED Lighting v/s Recessed Incandescent Lighting

It is known that because incandescent lighting heats up so much that it makes them unsuitable for recessed lighting.  Because they heat up so much and are installed so close to the surface they can become a fire hazzard.  However, LED bulbs are far safer, since they are not prone to overheating. They can be installed in tight closed spaces like closets and cabinets without an accident  waiting to happen.

Where to Use Recessed LED Lighting

The best thing about recessed LED lighting is that it can be pretty much used anywhere in your home. They can be installed over the kitchen sink, the work island or even the mirror in your bathroom. What’s great about them is that they always look like they were made for that area. In addition you can put them in the backyard over a patio or porch and becasue they can last for 100,000 hours you don’t have to worry about going up and down ladders to replace them.

What’s great about recessed LED lights is that any cost you lay out to install them is far made up by how long they last and how efficient they are.  You will have your house looking it’s best and be glad you made the switch.

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