The Beauty Of Pendant Lighting

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Are you in the process of renovating your home? Well if you are then pendant lighting is a good place to start. Pendants can be used anywhere, the kitchen, bedroom, family room it doesn’t matter and they can be modern or traditional depending on your taste. There are many different kinds of pendant lights to choose from, and all say something different about the home’s style.

Pendant lighting is a great choice because they are less expensive and less bulky than chandeliers. They are great choices for task lighting in places such as the kitchen.  They are attractive focal points while still being a functional lighting source. They save space over a floor or table lamp and provide more ambient lighting over greater surface areas.

A pendant light is dropped from the ceiling. It is hung by a cord, chain or metal rod and adds a beautiful striking feature  to any room. They are often hung in multiples over dining room tables, kitchen counter tops and bathrooms.

Modern pendants are energy efficient and often use LED bulbs which are the most efficient.   They come in a huge variety of sizes and vary in materials. They can be metal, cloth, glass, or plastic.

Pendants that are made of clear glass can diffuse light effectively in all directions. They work great in spaces like the kitchen or bathroom.  Metals with shiny finishes, such as polished chrome and brushed nickel, can also help reflect light.

For the living room drum shaped pendant lights work best. They are made of cloth and collect dust easily. This makes them easy to clean with a quick dusting.

For an entryway or a place where one source of lighting is needed a large single pendant works best.  A big pendant can work great over a dining room table for example. This also makes it an artistic focal point.

If you don’t want to install track lighting but would like the same effect small pendants like mini globes are a great alternative. What’s great is that their lighting is bright but less intense so they work great in kitchens or other work areas. You can hand small pendants in multiples so they supply sufficient lighting. Hanging small pendants in multiples allows for sufficient lighting.

Depending on the type of shade that you choose the light will be directed either up or down.  Pendants that are inverted will stream light to the ceiling. This provides ambient or mood lighting in a space. Pendants with open bottoms focus light downward, allowing them to be task lighting above a workspace like a kitchen island.

The most popular choice for pendant lighting are LED  bulbs.  They are perfect for task lighting and they are energy efficient.

As you can see pendant lighting can be a great choice for many situations. They can save you money and can give your home a very unique look. At Lite Line Illuminations we have many choices so look to us for all your pendant lighting needs.

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