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How Necessary Are Lighting Designers?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Why do you need a lighting designer?

Generally speaking, it’s not hard to provide enough illumination for a room- mount enough lights and you’re covered. But lighting is more than just lumens and foot candles, different applications require unique layouts.

If we talk just about recessed lights, we prefer to use different fixture types for different applications. Although some fixtures can provide illumination for multiple applications, we prefer to use lights more properly designed to the specific uses. This allows for maximizing the fixture’s potential along with your budget- since we can save money in low use areas and use those savings for higher end fixtures in more important areas.

For example, if you need general lighting for a bathroom or master closet, we’ll use a broad beamed light to limit the amount of shadows. Whereas a more task or display oriented application will use a narrower beam, to maximize the amount of light on the work or display surface. Guest bedrooms, maintenance rooms and outdoor applications can use lower end fixtures since they won't be used often.

This experience and expertise allows for not only the proper illumination, but a design which melds with the layout of your room.

Added to that, we combine recessed lighting with decorative fixtures. Designing with both simultaneously works best as we can mitigate limitations within specific fixtures with the advantages of the others in the room.

Ultimately we work with our clients’ preferences. Some don’t want any decorative and others want to minimize recessed lights. Either way, we’ll make it work.

We’ve designed layouts for very simple areas needing a bit more light to 10,000+ square foot houses, retail, restaurant and other light commercial locations. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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